Fresh fish

Our skilled staff produces a wide and exclusive range of hand-filleted fish – including salmon, catfish and mackerel and many exotic species. In addition, we have a special division for flatfish and trout. The North Sea and the North Atlantic Sea boast a large variety of different fish species from which we select the best. To ensure the best quality, we buy catches from smaller vessels on one day fishing. We produce to order and to specific customer requirements. Apart from our own production, we import fresh fish through a close-knit and long lasting network with our suppliers. Freshness is an important factor for us. We do our outmost to ensure that the route from sea to table is a short as possible, no matter the origin.

Frozen fish

Our frozen FFVAC range includes a variety of seafood products. We vacuum pack the fresh fish to specification and freeze immediately to preserve ultimate freshness. We have our own cold store including bonding facilities.

Smoked fish

We offer a full range of warm and cold smoked seafood products.